Industry Spotlight: TC2 Lab LLC

TC2 began as a non-profit venture that was established to conduct research and development in the textile manufacturing industry. By the turn of the 21st century, TC2 was the world’s first and largest 3D body scanner manufacturer. The company has continued to research and develop new innovative software systems that use the 3D body scan to create optimal wardrobe selections that best suit a person’s body type as well as assist other businesses with creating styles that accommodate many different body types at once. In September of 2015, the company became TC2 Lab LLC. The new business model allows the business to expand their research and development of textile manufacturing while also branching out in to education, custom sizing, made-to-measure, virtual dressing and e-commerce.

TC2 Lab is located at 2500 Reliance Avenue Apex, NC 27539.

To learn more, visit or by calling (919) 380-2156