Industry Spotlight: George Pickett and Associates

George Pickett and Associates or GP&A is based in Apex, NC and specializes in electrical products for the electric industry in the Carolinas and Virginia. Being a multi-person multi-line facility, GP&A proudly works with 20 different product lines. In order to provide exceptional service to its clients, GP&A is committed to a philosophy that represents excellence in each detail of their work. GP&A understands the direct impact the products they supply have on each of their clients and because so strive to have the highest degree of professionalism in market knowledge, experience, integrity, performance and trust. Many members of the GP&A staff have completed multiple professional courses and continue to take courses that enrich their product knowledge.

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Industry Spotlight: Allied Automation

Established in 1989, Allied Automation provides customized automation equipment to Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout many industry sectors. By focusing on custom engineering and design, Allied Automation is a one-stop-shop for system integration. They offer services ranging from product conceptualization to machine design all the way to complete in-house fabrication and assemblage. Allied Automation works with many partners in the medical device, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, automotive, consumer products and electrical and industrial industries. Allied Automation’s 18,000 sf facility on Investment Boulevard houses an array of capabilities such as 3-D design simulation, multiple testing systems, product assembly and cleanroom equipment.

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Industry Spotlight: SPS Corporation

SPS Corporation has been in Apex, NC for over 25 years and specializes in Exterior Glazing Systems and Exterior Metal Panel Wall Systems. Originating from Fort Wayne, Indiana, SPS Corporation has positioned themselves as a leader in the construction industry as the 15th largest specialty glass contractor in the United States. The company’s close attention to detail and emphasis on customer satisfaction has resulted in multiple Eagle Awards for projects such as UNC Cancer Center, Novartis in Holly Springs, UNCC Center City and Duke Cancer Hospital in Durham. In fact, next time you head over to Bank of America Stadium to see the Carolina Panthers play, you can admire SPS Corporation’s hard work on the massive scoreboard expansion where they completed 51,000 sf of SPS Wet Seal Aluminum Composite Panel System. SPS Corporation also provides other services such as estimates and design build budgets and in house engineering and fabrication.

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Industry Spotlight: Tipper Tie

Tipper Tie, headquartered right here in Apex, is a well-established brand around the world. A Dover company, Tipper Tie has a huge global manufacturing presence. The company began in 1952 with the idea of creating labor-saving clips for meat casings but has expanded, over the years, to include much more. Tipper Tie now focuses on engineering and product development in the food processing, packaging and automation industries as well as being a trusted partner in the manufacturing of packaged explosives, adhesives, sealants and other industrial products. The company’s focus on smart affordable manufacturing design, easy to use machinery, and a constant assessment of hygiene standards for food safety consistantly places them as a leader in the food processing industry. Within the food industry, Tipper Tie’s main concentration is on food, baked goods, dairy, fish and seafood, petfood, poultry, meat, sausage and other human foods.

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Industry Spotlight: Polyzen

Polyzen is a leader in the medical device industry, specializing in polyurethane formulations and plastics processing. Founded over 20 years ago, Polyzen prides itself on being an all-inclusive solution for medical device OEM companies. During its long tenure in Apex, it has become an innovator in dip molding, RF welding, lay flat tubing, thin film extrusion, as well as a developer and manufacturer of multiple medical products such as medical balloons and balloon catheters. Polyzen serves the anesthesiology, bariatric, cardiology, ENT, gastrointestinal, plastic surgery and urology markets along with multiple other medical disciplines. Its 32,000 sf facility in Apex features 10,000 sf of clean room product area and a controlled manufacturing environment for plastic melt processing.

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Industry Spotlight: G2 Technologies

G2 Technologies is a leader in the test and measurement industry that specializes in the design and manufacturing of automated inspection, measurement and test systems. The company prides itself on its ability to think outside of the box to find custom solutions for their clients testing needs. G2 Technologies utilizes dTRAK as a way to assist its clients and also has designed or developed over 40 testing systems ranging from engine valve systems to automated steel inspection systems.  With a robust client list, it’s no secret that G2 Technologies truly is a leader in its industry. G2 Technologies also provides National Instruments certified training right here at their Apex, NC location.

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Industry Spotlight: Accu-Tool

Founded in 1982, Accu-Tool is a precision machining company that serves multiple industries including semi-conductor, aerospace, defense, robotics, medical and research & development. Being an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, Accu-Tool has an extremely high level of customer satisfaction standards, which has led to the company’s continued success in the production of prototypes and other solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs.

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